Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Increasing average individual sales performance by 40% through introduction of Shadowmatch

“We were faced with a sales team who were performing at an average level at best. When confronted with a new, out of the ordinary sales pipeline, we realized this conundrum would result in us being unable to reach our targets, with a direct impact on business growth, capital budget allocations and staff recognition and rewards. Shadowmatch was introduced into the business to assist with recruitment of new employees as well as understanding where current sales consultants would be best suited. Shadowmatch had a major impact on the sales consultants performance, once introduced into the business."
- Director - Global Technology Company

The introduction of Shadowmatch into this business as a recruitment and career management tool has contributed to an increase in morale amongst the sales consultants, and greatly assisted in placing employees in the right positions. It further facilitated sales targets to be met, contributing to the overall financial results in the last financial year.

Customer Background:

The sales team of this Global Technology business was in place for almost three years, with some sales consultants performing on average, whilst most achieved below average sales results. Some of the sales consultants performed poorly, whilst some of them were unhappy in their positions. With an unprecedented sales pipeline introduced into the business, a real dilemma ensued, as the sales team was not adequately equipped to perform at the levels required. As is the case with most businesses, the role of the sales team is imperative in ensuring the success of the business in future, and the business wanted to look at how they could improve the quality of the sales consultants, as well as redeploy those consultants who were not well suited in their existing roles. Various instruments were evaluated to identify whether these gaps could be filled.

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